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Av. da Atlántida, 106 | 36208 | Vigo | Pontevedra


The first impression counts, and a lot. Also when it comes to food. That is why a good selection of appetizers that delight and create expectation on the main course is essential. We reinvent the most traditional recipes with a contemporary touch using products of the highest quality.


All of them in order to please who tastes them. Small snacks that require careful preparation, fresh ingredients and the hand of the most demanding chefs.


Elaborated with excellently selected quality ingredients based on their exquisiteness, following exhaustive hygienic care and the organoleptic properties of each ingredient. Specially designed to appreciate its true quality and delicacy.


The finishing touch to an exquisite lunch or dinner, you can choose to savor some of our desserts, elegant, original as well as delicious.